pond slime
After 15 years, our pond was leaking, about 1 inch an hour.  We needed to replace the liner, and make the pond bigger for our koi.
Big livestock trough for koi
First, relocate fish to 750 gallon livestock trough, along with plants and pump.
Enlarge Pond
Remove old liner, and make it a bit bigger.
Install Skimmer
Install the skimmer

Pull Liner
Pull the liner
Add Water
Add some water                                   
Pond with water
Add some Rock-on-a-Roll and rocks
Old Koi
Add our old fish, 15 years old!
New Fish
Add some new fish, 4 fish in this bag, and then there was that blue heron incident.

Pond Plants
Lots of pond plants.           
Dragon Fly
A dragonfly visits, hangs around for a picture